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Flying First Class With My Faves on Youtube

Flying First Class With My Faves on Youtube

So, at any given point in time, I have hundreds of ideas for potential future blog posts. However, I need to be motivated by a specific one to write about it at the point in time. I have the next two blog posts covered, and was stuck on this one, so I decided to go through my idea list, and see which one resulted in a spark. This is one that has been on the list for awhile, and since travel and planning has been more or less consuming my thoughts as I finalise my birthday trip, it was perfect.

One of my goals in life is to travel, and everywhere is on my bucket list. I think because I'm such a planner, and I love getting information about places I'm planning on visiting, and just places around the world to add to the list, I've become addicted to these YouTube videos. It's like TV where you can watch intently, or have the videos playing while doing something else, and when you hear something interesting, simply rewind, or even like and save to look at in the future. In this age of technology, it's also so easy whenever you have spare time to watch one, a part of one, or go on a binge watch. Whatever the reason, I'm addicted, and I love them. There are so many amazing travel Youtubers/Instagrammers/bloggers right now, but the below are just the YouTubers I've come across and liked enough to not just subscribe, but regularly check in and watch the new content they upload. I also think as someone who is playing with the idea of doing YouTube to complement my blog, I have so much more respect for the work that goes into these videos, and just the sheer courage these individuals exhibit every time they personally put themselves out there for all the world, including the critics (and we know there's a lot of those!). So, to those on this list and everyone else, I say kudos to you. Keep doing your thing. You're freaking awesome! 

1) Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora has been a Youtuber for just over ten years, and currently has 332.5k subscribers, and 39.3 million views on her 500 plus videos. I've been following Nadine for about two years. She uploads videos twice a week. She even did a couple on Tobago, as she spent a substantial time on the island, and hey being from Trinidad and Tobago, and considering Tobago my anytime getaway from the real world, I love anyone who loves and advertises this beautiful island. I like Nadine because she's real, and quirky and fun. I wasn't sure at first to be honest, but once I watched a couple videos, I warmed up to her, and now she's one of my faves. Her actual travel videos are awesome, but I'll be honest, my favourites are the tips and hacks videos because I always learn a lot.  She is also a travel vlogger and blogger, so if you're looking for travel motivation, or travel advice, follow her on any of the below:

YouTube: Hey Nadine
Instagram: @heynadine
Twitter: @heynadine
Blog: http://www.heynadine.com 

See below for one of her Travel Tips Videos. I picked this one because it has good tips, and we can never have enough airport and airplane travel hacks!

2) Fun for Louis

Louis Cole makes daily vlogs of his life..yes, daily! You'd think churning out videos so regularly would mean a reduction in quality, but no such thing. He has been to a lot of countries, and not just the usual tourist destinations. He often also travels with his girlfriend Raya (From the Youtube channel Rayawashere), and they're the quintessential cute couple, which I don't mind because I love love. You can tell he's just a free spirit, and not just from his ras, but from his always smiling, open minded personality and attitude. Louis is also in the process of making a movie called Beyond Borders - A Film Celebrating Global Diversity. I mean...awesomesauce! Since I gravitate towards persons with this demeanour, add the pretty awesome video and picture skills he possesses, and this channel is a winner! 

Check him out on any of the following:
YouTube: FunForLouis
Instagram: @funforlouis
Twitter: @funforlouis

Take a look at the below vid from his time in South Korea:

3) Kristen Sarah

Kristen has been a YouTuber since 2010, so she has quite a lot of travel and YouTube experience. Her husband Siya, also a YouTuber (Siya Zarrabi) is often in her videos, and they are adorable without being overly mushy, and I appreciate that very much. She is very quirky, and it comes across in her personality,  and makes her endearing, rather than off-putting. I like unique people who are unapologetically themselves and Kristen is definitely one of these fun-loving souls. You go girl! Also, she's been to both Trinidad and Tobago, and done videos on each, so extra brownie points right there! 

Check her out on any of the following:
YouTube: Kristen Sarah
Instagram: @hopscotchtheglobe
Twitter: @HTGlobe
Blog: http://www.hopscotchtheglobe.com/

Check out the following recent vid on the top things to do in Poland.

4) Vagabrothers

This channel is home to two brothers, Alex and Marko Ayling who have been YouTubers since 2012. In 2013, they entered and won a competition by making a three minute video about where they were currently residing. The prize was a six month trip around the world and $50k. They are inspirational because while they have travel in their DNA, with parents from different countries, and having been exposed to differnt parts of the world and cultures at a young age, they are still a couple of guys who took huge risks at a young age. They graduated from college but instead of taking a safe job, they flew to different countries and pursued these adventures. They are brothers, but they each have their own personalities, and are different but complement each other. As much as family might get on your nerves sometimes, family is family, and when it comes down to it, it's the most comforting thing knowing that you're on the journey with someone who has your back. I really enjoy their videos which are full of adventure, educational, with a good mix of humour. Oh, and they do have some awesome tips videos as well.

Check them out on any of the following:
YouTube: Vagabrothers
Instagram: @vagabrothers
Twitter: @vagabrothers

Check out the below vid about some of the Top Things to Do in Mexico.

5) Monkey Abroad

I stumbled on this channel randomly, and the title intrigued me. This YouTuber is Kevin Cook, and his videos are about travelling the world on US$20 a day. Yeah..you heard that right. Now, while I may not want to go this drastic, how motivating is it to know that it's possible if you really want to do it? The videos are based in Asia, which is top of my bucket list. I'm just saving those miles to get there right now. Most of the videos aren't lengthy (less than ten minutes) and he's not afraid of being goofy, so it's always entertaining. That, and every video, you're sure to see him try lots of dishes from that location, all within the budget. Travel and food are my favourite things, so combine them, and you've got a winner.

Check him out on any of the following:
YouTube: Monkey Abroad
Instagram: @monkeyabroad
Blog: http://monkeyabroad.com/about/

Check out the below vid on spending a day in Koh Lanta, Thailand on a US$20 budget.

6) Sonia's Travels

This channel shows the world through the eyes of Ms. Sonia Gil, and I really like the way she puts together her videos. The only reason it's so low down (otherwise it would have been top three) is that I have not seen recent videos in a long time (about a year), and just like with television shows, I don't like to get addicted to a show I know is already cancelled, so I just want you to be forewarned. However, the videos on the channel are extremely informative, compact, and fun, so you should still check them out.

Check her out on any of the following:
YouTube: soniastravels
Twitter: @Sonia_Gil

Check out the below vid that got me really excited because I'm hoping to visit in a few weeks!


7) The Food Ranger

This entry on the list is not necessarily a travel YouTuber, but he is exploring and sharing his food experiences in Asia. A huge part of experiencing a new place and culture is through the food, so seeing his food experiences definitely inspires me to visit these places. It also gives my boyfriend and I a good opportunity to mentally prepare ourselves for our future food escapades. The Food Ranger,  Mr. Trevor James is currently living in Chengdu, China and is a Sichuan chef in training. If you're going to be a travel foodie, then what better way to up your credentials than to actually learn how to do it. It can only make you a better food critic, and overall food connoisseur. He's traveled all over the continent including China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India and others. The Food Ranger has actually invited his YouTube family to come stay at his apartment once they're in the area, and he will be the tour guide, etc. This is giving back to the subscribers that are loyal, and an amazing way to meet new people, and share your knowledge and experience. Way to go Trevor! If I'm ever in Chengdu, I would definitely contact you, because a food tour with you as the guide would be nothing short of epic.

Check him out on any of the following:
YouTube: The Food Ranger
Instagram: @thefoodranger
Blog:  http://www.thefoodranger.com/

Check out the below vid...The title speaks for itself!

I started off this blog post thinking I'd include my travel inspiration from across all mediums, including Youtube, Instagram, Blogs, but after just doing the YouTube selection, I think that's enough for now. I'll just keep compiling the others and do another list soon, because we all know motivational doses are needed regularly.

What's your source of travel motivation?
Where are you heading on your next adventure?
What's your favourite travel tip?

Share your thought in the comments below, and share this post to inspire others to explore the world!

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Any other favourites you'd like me to do? Let me know! :)

Light and love always!

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