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A Healthier Me Starter Kit

A Healthier Me Starter Kit

I’ve been quite inactive for the last few months, and by that I mean a major couch potato. I haven’t been exercising, and haven’t been eating well. This just can’t continue for me not only because I’ve put on a few pounds, but mainly because I physically and mentally feel the difference. I have been getting migraines more regularly, and it’s serious, and I need to determine what lifestyle/medication choices, if any are triggering them, and if I can’t figure that out, then I’d definitely need to book that doctor’s visit.  I haven’t been tracking it yet because I know I’ve been doing crap in terms of not drinking enough water, etc. which are definite triggers. This coupled with other body aches and an overall reduced level of energy does not make for a happy camper. All in all, enough is enough. I have a few days left in my twenties, and I refuse to turn thirty with these seventy year old aches. I miss my gym pains to be honest. It’s quite scary to have body aches and realise it’s probably just due to inactivity.

Anyways, I know the only way to do this is to mentally commit to the decision to do it and plan properly, so that follow through is as seamless as possible. In other words, make it easy to succeed. I’ve done it with a decent amount of success in the past so it’s not completely uncharted waters. A big part of being successful is ensuring I eat proper meals. This means having these meals easier accessible by meal prepping. To meal prep, I needed to have the healthy ingredients in my kitchen. I made a grocery trip and just listed some of the items I bought which will cover this week and maybe the next. Some of the items I bought were eggs, oats, canned beans (kidney/red beans, baked beans, lentils, chick peas), quinoa, chicken breast, tuna, coconut water, almond milk, spinach, frozen vegetable medley, bananas, apples, baby carrots, celery, mushrooms, corn, plain yogurt, frozen berries (Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries combo), cucumbers. Pantry items like olive oil, seasonings, condiments, etc. would not have been bought if I already had them in stock.

***I only bought the Vegetable Medley because Pricesmart on the day I went didn’t have the packages of broccoli only. I prefer these, and then I mix in my fresh vegetables when I’m making mixed vegetables. I buy fresh broccoli as well, but sometimes I find it’s just crazy expensive, so I opt for the frozen, and fresh everything else.

I’ve also listed some other items that I’ve found useful in the past, or hope to utilise going forward:

1)      Good can-opener – I have the WORST luck with can openers. They just never work for me, to the point I get anxiety whenever I have to open a can, and there’s no one around in case I need assistance.

2)      Ninja Bullet/Blender – I have a ninja bullet and this is what I use for my smoothies and love it, but a blender would work as well.

3)      Food Processor – I use this for things like seasoning (blender works as well), or chopping cauliflower for cauliflower fried rice, etc.

4)      Containers:

a.       For lunch/dinner – This should be an appropriate size for your meal requirements. Sometimes on mornings I’m running so late I don’t even think I have the 3-5 minutes it would take to pack the already cooked food into a container, so it’s best to do it at the time of meal prepping, or the night before.

b.      Small containers for salad dressing

c.       Smaller containers for salads/fruits/snack bowls

5)      Mason Jars – For overnight oats. I’m going to be trying overnight oats for the first time this week. Hopefully, it’s a hit. ( I need to go shopping for this still…)

6)      Zip-lock bags – different sizes. I use them for individual smoothie prep bags, storing pre-seasoned meat, etc., snacks, etc.

7)      Ice-tray with cover – I use this for when I’m freezing spinach to use in smoothies etc. (Details in an upcoming Smoothie blog).

Fitness Things:

Gym outfits for the week – It might sound silly, but it means doing laundry on the weekend, and having at least five outfits laid out to grab on mornings. This includes socks, gym towel, etc. The point is to leave no room for excuses such as..oh well, I’m late and don’t have time to pack my gym bag, or I had a busy weekend and I’m out of clean sports bras. Preparation is something that is a constant struggle, but key to success in everything.

Overall Clear Space:

I am in the process of cleaning my apartment, and have started the decluttering process. It’s by no means complete, because I just have so much stuff, and I need it to be neat and organised. I’ve found that it’s just easier to focus when you have a non-busy space.

All in all, none of these changes are so drastic that they should be difficult. In fact, I’m looking forward to the process. It’s not a diet. It’s just a commitment to being a better, stronger, and overall more bad ass me. I’m going to be honest with myself throughout the process, and remember it’s a lifestyle change, and best believe if I have a serious craving for that Haagen-Dazs chocolate cake, I’m going to have it. I’ll just have to run a couple extra miles that week to maintain the balance, and that’s something I’m looking forward to doing.

How has your diet and exercise routine been going for 2017?
I’m sure those who played Trinidad Carnival were probably on point to get those road bodies. Now that Carnival is over, have you been as serious about your diet and exercise?

What are some tips and tricks you use to help you stay on track?

Let me know. Let’s help each other.

Light and love as always! :)

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