Valentine's Day Musings at 31

Instead I'm reminding myself that life throws you curveballs at every turn, and you need to learn to duck, but also catch those curveballs and throw them back. It just doesn't make sense to hold onto them, dwell on them, and let them erode your sanity.

A Salute to My Twenties!

To my twenties, although I did not want you to end, at the point in time, I did not always appreciate you. I did not believe in the process, or the necessary lessons, and just thought life was often being unfair and unnecessarily hard on me...

Renting Time

I’m paying for my sanity, my time, and my independence. Any one of those reasons would make it worthwhile, but all together, it’s a steal of a deal to me

I am 29.

I am 29. I am 29? Wait..what?! Well…according to the birth certificate, I am now 29, so let’s go with that.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t cringe everytime I say that. There are and will always be moments of mini (who am I kidding, there’s nothing mini when it comes to emotions with me!), okay major panic attacks where I wonder…